People in the Bible Caleb: Man of faith who followed God fully

Robert DaleSKU: PBC6059 ISBN: 9781846256059



 Caleb is one of the forgotten heroes of the Bible. One of the twelve spies sent out by Moses into Canaan, he was commended by God for his faithfulness. While others were fearful, he believed they could conquer the land. He remained faithful throughout forty years in the wilderness, until he and Joshua alone entered the land, as God had promised, with the younger generation. His story thus takes us all the way from Egypt to Canaan. Even in old age, he proved himself a courageous warrior, famously demanding, ‘Give me this mountain’, and a generous father, giving freely to his daughter. He is an inspiration to us all.

About the Author:

Robert Dale attends the Free Church of Scotland in Dumfries. After seventeen years in the City of London, he served as a pastor for twenty-eight years, first in Surrey, then in Lincoln, moving to Scotland two years after retirement. He is married to Jane and has two children, Jonathan and Hannah, and three grandchildren Emma, Alex 


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Peter Murcott
CALEB: Man of Faith who followed God Fully

Caleb is inextricably linked with his distinctive role when the majority of the spies, returning from Canaan, gave their disheartening report about the Israelites' prospects of successfully entering the Promised Land. What struck this reviewer were frequent reference to Scripture, adorning more or less every page. One use to which this book could profitably be put would be for a Bible study. Many sermons have been preached on the return of the spies, but the author shows how there is still much more to be gleaned from the incident. His close analysis in Chapters 3-5 is especially helpful. Take the way in which the majority presented their report. On the other hand, it would have been wrong to have denied the difficulties facing them by simply presenting a glowing picture of the land. However, as the author points out in the most interesting analysis of their commission, as recorded in Numbers; their report should have been that the inhabitants were "strong (but not too strong); many (but not too many)". concluding with the recommendation that "yes (in contrast with the desert) - a good land ready to be conquered". Had this been done, they would not have ignored the difficulties; rather they would have magnified the Lord, by saying, in effect: "If God be for us, who can be against us?" Alas, the majority misled the people through their unbalanced and faithless analysis, which neither Caleb nor Joshua could reverse. One cannot say more than this: it is highly recommended.

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