Barnabas: A good man, full of faith

Robert DaleSKU: PBBARNABAS ISBN: 9781846250880



If Christians were to vote for their favourite Bible character, Barnabas would surely be in the top ten. Most of us feel drawn to this warm-hearted disciple, who so wonderfully lives up to his name, 'Son of Encouragement'. In these character studies based on passages in Acts, Robert Dale helps us to appreciate and encourages us to imitate this wonderful man, who himself is a reflection of a still greater Man, our Lord Jesus Christ, the greatest Encourager of all.

About the Author

Robert Dale attends the Free Church of Scotland in Dumfries. After seventeen years in the City of London, he served as a pastor for twenty-eight years, first in Surrey, then in Lincoln, moving to Scotland two years after retirement. He is married to Jane and has two children, Jonathan and Hannah, and three grandchildren Emma, Alex 


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Brian Jones
Son of Encouragement

Barnabas – a review for Day One
A group of us in membership of a large evangelical Baptist Church in Cheltenham have been challenged over recent months to go and help re-vitalise a struggling small group of believers who meet in a long-established Chapel in a nearby village.
One of my responsibilities has been to lead a weekly Bible study and having purchased quite a number of Day One books over many years now, I felt led to turn to them for a suitable study guide. Bearing in mind the needs of the group, I sensed the Lord leading me to Robert Dale’s ‘Barnabas’ and what a helpful book it proved to be for me personally, and for my group!
I was able to use and adapt Mr Dale’s material which I found carefully tracked the ministry of this loveable Biblical character featured in the book of Acts, and who so clearly lived up to his name – ‘Son of Encouragement’.
Mr Dale’s commentary was thorough, but not too detailed, and always stayed close to the Biblical narrative. He constantly highlighted Barnabas’ supporting role as he and the apostle Paul preached the Gospel of God’s grace to both Jewish people and Gentiles. He was on hand when God was pleased to save precious souls and helped to develop local assemblies in those amazing early days of the Christian Church.
I heartedly recommend this little book of 10 short chapters which has challenged our thinking as Bible-believing Christians as we desire to exalt the name of the Lord Jesus Christ as the only Saviour of sinners.


"This is a very uplifting book. Here you will find copious investigation, studious exposition and judicious application from the Biblical record of a generous man so full of Christ that he was a constant encouragement to the church. What more could you ask for?'
—(John Benton, editor, Evangelicals Now, and author)

‘It is easy to underestimate the apostle Barnabas, who is overshadowed by his fellow worker, the apostle Paul. Robert Dale’s study displays Barnabas’ godly character, increases our appreciation of his role in the growth of the New Testament church, and draws numerous insights of application for personal godliness and the work of the ministry. Recommended for pastors and lay readers.’
—Les Bollinger, Pastor, Beaver Baptist Church, Beaver, Pennsylvania"

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