People in the Bible Abraham: The Life of Abraham

Malcolm MacleanSKU: PBABR3614 ISBN: 9781846253614



 Abraham was called from a pagan background to become a spiritual catalyst in God’s plan for the salvation of the world. But what kind of man was he? The Bible describes several important experiences that he went through and how in most of them he revealed that he was the friend of God.  Some of those experiences were pleasant for him, whereas others were very difficult.  Yet in all of them he has left an example for those who, like him, are travelling to the city that God has prepared for those who love him.

In this book, Malcolm Maclean considers those events in the life of Abraham and explains their relevance for believers in Jesus today.

About the Author:

Malcolm Maclean is from Inverness, where he is the minister of Greyfriars and Stratherrick Free Church of Scotland. Prior to entering the Christian ministry he was Managing Editor of Christian Focus Publications. Among his other books is The Lord’s Supper and a devotional on the Song of Solomon called Royal Company (both by Christian Focus). He provides daily readings on his blog ‘Thoughts on God’s Word and What It Says’ (greyfriarsreadings.  He is married to Katie.

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