Oxford and Cambridge Reformation Walking Tour

Julia Cameron | Travel Guides

ISBN: 9781846256486 | Day One Code: RWT6486


The Protestant Reformation would change not only the Church, but business, culture, commerce and education.  In short, it changed everything. In the 16th century England had only two universities, Oxford and Cambridge.  Each was to play a major role in the unfolding of a drama both terrible and glorious.  Through these pages we walk in the steps of graduates and faculty who became martyrs and leaders.  Where space allows, we also glance sideways at a few other milestones in Oxbridge Christian history.

- ‘Start here’ to set the scene

- Timeline of the Reformation

- Easy-to-follow maps

- Other sights of interest



Julia Cameron (MA Aberdeen) has led communications and publishing endeavours for OMF International, IFES, and the Lausanne Movement.  She served for 25 years as an obituarist for The Times and The Independent, and is a contributor to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.  Julia is active as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA), and a member of St Ebbe’s Church, Oxford.

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