Opening up Malachi

Roger EllsworthSKU: OUMAL ISBN: 9781846250330



It was a depressing time. Priests and people, both of whom who had been enormously blessed by God, were shuffling through their religion, muttering all the while about how burdensome it was. Questioning God's love, dishonouring his name, sighing over his service, breaking his laws and doubting his promises these were the orders of the day. A wake-up call was needed, and God provided it through Malachi. This man was no cuddly teddy bear. Through a series of candid dialogues, he called his people to see themselves as God saw them and to return to him. His message of sin and return rises from the pages of this short prophecy to challenge and assure us as well.

About the Author:

Having served for many years as a pastor, Roger Ellsworth is currently engaged in itinerant ministry. He is also the author of fifty books, many of which have been published by Day One. He and his wife, Sylvia, have two sons and five grand-children.


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Customer Reviews

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If you’re a busy pastor or a layman who craves theological precision and practical application from a commentary, avail yourself to this book!
—Dr Roy Hargrave, Senior Pastor, Riverbend Community Church, Ormond Beach, Florida, USA

Roger Ellsworth’s insightful exposition of this powerful book shows us that the prophet Malachi has an urgent message to Christians living in the beginning of the twenty-first century.
—Simon J Robinson, Senior Pastor, Walton Evangelical Church, Chesterfield, England

This is another excellent little book in Day One’s ‘Opening Up’ series. As with other volumes it’s well written, very reasonably priced and relevant to the modern day reader. Roger Ellsworth explores the prophecies from ancient times and yet skillfully draws out spot-on contemporary applications. This book, like the series as a whole, provides excellent exposition, relevant application and is helpful for both the pastor/teacher and interested layman. It’s written in short, easily digestible chapters and could easily be used as daily devotional material. Highly recommended.
—Review by Martin Harrison, Christian Marketplace

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