Opening up Luke's Gospel

Gavin ChildressSKU: OUPLG307



The Gospel of Luke makes remarkable reading. It introduces us to many people the other Gospels don't mention; it shows the compassion of Jesus in a special way; it is the only Gospel written by a Gentile. Let Gavin Childress guide you through its message in easy stages, and there is plenty to think (and talk) about in the discussion points at the end of each chapter.

About the Author:

Gavin Childress has been a pastor at Grace Baptist Church, Tottenham, North London, since 1987. He has always enjoyed introducing people to the Bible and the gospel of God’s saving grace. He and his wife Cathy have five children.  Gavin is co-author with Audrey Dooley of Reading your Bible—A starter’s guide, also published by Day One

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