Opening up Joshua

Roger EllsworthSKU: OUJOS1184 ISBN: 9781846251184



Who was Joshua? He was the man who succeeded Moses and led the ancient nation of Israel during its conquest of the land of Canaan. The book of Joshua tells us the story of this conquest. But how is such a book relevant for us today in the twenty-first century? In this warm and engaging study, Roger Ellsworth demonstrates the importance of the book of Joshua for today. He shows how the story of Israel in the land of Canaan pictures the life of the Christian in this world, a life of struggle, hardship and conflict. He highlights the truths found in the book of Joshua, which will encourage and comfort Christians in those struggles. Finally, by looking at Joshua, he points us to Christ, our leader and captain.

About the Author: 

Having served for almost fifty years as a pastor, Roger Ellsworth is now engaged in an itinerant ministry. He has also authored over fifty books. He and his wife, Sylvia, have two sons, Tim and Marty, and five grandchildren

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Following a legend is never an easy task. Joshua understood something about this; yet due to divine preparation, his leadership over Israel provided a seamless transition that eventually led to the Promised Land. Roger Ellsworth traces the way God prepared Joshua as Israel’s Captain who learned to serve under the true Commander—the Lord himself. After laying groundwork in Joshua’s preparatory stage, Roger Ellsworth journeys through the book of Joshua, providing an excellent primer for pastors and teachers as well as a useful tool for self-study. He outlines key sections of Joshua, notes additional Scriptures for reinforcing his themes, and offers questions to assist with personal application. Keeping in mind significant theological issues in the book, Pastor Ellsworth demonstrates how all of Scripture finds its ultimate focus in the revelation of Jesus Christ. His exposition goes right to the point of each text. With decades of pastoral experience, it is no surprise that Roger Ellsworth writes with clarity and pastoral warmth, giving attention to gospel application throughout the book.
—Dr. Phil A. Newton, Senior Pastor, South Woods Baptist Church, Memphis, TN

Roger Ellsworth is again used of God as a guide into biblical understanding and practical application. He is able to grasp the doctrinal truths of each passage, while discerning its message and meaning in a way that helps believers live today.
—Karl Barnfield, Pastor, Resurrection Baptist Church, Benton, IL

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