Opening up Jonah

Paul MackrellSKU: OUJONAH ISBN: 9781846250804



Think Jonah, think whale. Or should we? Actually no. The whale, or great fish, merely appears among the list of supporting cast, along with the worm which appears later in the account. Instead, the book is about the character of God. It shows us something of his burning holiness, something of his powerful and detailed ordering of events, and something of his tender mercy.

In this easy-to-read guide, you will learn many things about how God controls nature, governs history, and shows remarkable grace to a city of people who hardly seem likely candidates for his mercy.

About the Author:

Paul Mackrell grew up in Hampshire but now lives in West Sussex with his wife, Sue, who comes from Liverpool. They have three daughters, two sons and nine grandchildren.


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Customer Reviews

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"Highly recommended"

‘Jonah, a book full of surprises! God says, “Go,” Jonah says, “No,” and runs away. He survives an unseasonable storm and a fish story that’s hard to swallow, and all because of frightful Nineveh, who would believe it? Well thankfully Paul Mackrell does, and in this fine work he not only sets the scene but shows the relevance for us today. It would be another surprise if many do not receive great benefit from this book!’
—Clive Anderson, The Butts Church, Alton, Hampshire, England

‘This kind of Commentary on the Book of Jonah is long overdue and Paul Mackerell has filled that gap. He gives us clear and careful explanation of the text with very practical and useful suggestions for further study. His concise exposition of each chapter makes a very dramatic book all the more compelling to read. I believe that this guide, with its helpful insights, will prove to be a great aid in personal devotions and for use in group Bible studies.’
—William G Hughes Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Coconut Creek, Florida, USA

'...carefully explains the text and draws out powerful lessons on God's sovereignty and His remarkable grace. Highly recommended.'
—Christian Marketplace

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