Opening Up Hosea

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Opening Up Hosea is an easy-to-read commentary on the book of Hosea which seeks to apply in a fresh,
illustrative and clear way, the message of Hosea today. Hosea wrote to the people of Israel at a time when there were serious problems in the nation: morally, socially, economically, politically and spiritually. Israel’s
relationship with God was broken. This is why Hosea is so relevant to us today.
With all the problems we face personally, domestically, nationally and internationally, they all come down to
one thing: our hearts are not right and our relationship with God is broken.
Yet, God’s heart beats for us. He does not want to give us up! The author is also a great sinner, more like Gomer than Hosea, and knows only too well sin’s power and guilt but trusts in the God whose heart
is revealed to us in this amazing book—the same God who invites us all, in whatever state we are in, to come to him.

‘If you are searching for help in appreciating the amazing message of Hosea then look no further. Alun Ebenezer has made a fine job of getting to grips with the contents of the prophecy and he applies it well to our present situations with apt illustrations.
There are challenges for the church, the Christian and the unbeliever. I enthusiastically commend this book to you.
Philip H Eveson
Former Principal and Old Testament tutor at the London Seminary

Alun Ebenezer is the Founding Headmaster of The Fulham Boys School. 
He speaks extensively at schools, universities, churches and conferences, has written articles for national and Christian press and is the author of Revelation, And they Crucified Him, Heart of the Problem and People Just Like Us.
He is a member at Amyand Park Chapel in London.

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