Opening up Haggai

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What makes the book of Haggai especially interesting is that he is one of the three last prophets of the Old Testament period to receive God's revelation before the coming of Christ. He was a man with a single message for the people of his day, and he preached it with unparalleled persuasive force and power. That message was concentrated on the need to rebuild the temple, which had been neglected for many years. But by the time Haggai appeared on the scene the people had become dispirited and had lost interest in the rebuilding project. But he knew that its restoration was essential as the outward sign of the covenant, and of the Lord's presence with his people. We know hardly anything about Haggai as an individual, but he was surely an inspiring preacher, succeededing in getting the people enthused for the work, and having the temple completed and dedicated in 516 B.C.

About the Author:

Peter Williams is a Welshman from the town of Neath in South Wales. He is a graduate of the University of Wales and has degrees in theology and philosophy. He has served churches in England and Wales and has continued a preaching ministry since his retirement in 1997, now exercising oversight at Southbourne Evangelical Church in Bournemouth, England. He is author of several other books also published by Day One, including Opening up 2 Timothy and Opening up Ezra. He and his wife, Brenda, have a son, daughter, and three grandsons.


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DayOne’s Opening Up series is designed to help people read and study the Bible. Although we know very little about the background of Haggai, there is no doubt about the central meaning of these thirty-eight verses. They were spoken (preached) between August and December 520BC and were effective in stirring up the people to re-start their work on the rebuilding of the temple, which was then in ruins. Such preaching, which leads to a positive response, is urgently needed today. Peter Williams’ book is helpful ‘a taster’ for those who not only want to understand this prophecy but also desire to respond to it. May God bless and use Opening up Haggai to open up many hearts, minds—and pockets—for the service of God and his people today.
—Michael Bentley, Retired pastor, Bible teacher, and author of several books

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