Opening Up Esther

Robert DaleSKU: OUESTHER ISBN: 9781846256868



The Book of Esther reads like a story from the ‘Arabian Nights’.
A Jewish girl marries the great Persian King Xerxes, and is able to save her people when the evil chief minister Haman plots to kill them.
Haman is hanged and Esther’s cousin Mordecai takes his place.
Jews celebrate these events every year to this day in the Feast of Purim, but there are also important lessons for Christians, especially concerning the hidden providence
of God, both in the great affairs of state and in the smallest incidents in our lives.


Robert Dale attends the Free Church of Scotland in Dumfries. After seventeen years in the City of London, he served as a pastor for twenty-eight years, first in Surrey, then in Lincoln, moving to Scotland two years after retirement. He is married to Jane and has two children, Jonathan and Hannah, and three grandchildren Emma, Alex and Elsie.


This is an astute and well judged commentary on the Book of Esther aimed at edifying the people of God in a troubled secular age. It guides us through the wonderful Bible story in short accessible chapters which magnify the fascinating and reassuring providence of our unseen God. This is a book to keep, savour and return to in days like ours when the cause of God and truth faces many powerful enemies.

John Benton, Director for Pastoral Support, The Pastors’ Academy, London Seminary

Robert Dale has written a most enjoyable commentary on the Book of Esther. He has succeeded in the challenging task of appealing to those unfamiliar with the book, yet providing many items of significance which will be a big help to preachers. His inclusion of questions about each chapter will greatly assist those who lead Bible
study groups.

Hugh Hill, retired pastor, Thomas Cooper Memorial Baptist Church, Lincoln

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