Opening Up Ephesians

Kurt StrassnerSKU: OUEPH4376 ISBN: 9781846254376



Like Paul’s letter to Rome, his letter to the church in Ephesus serves as an invaluable exposition of the Christian
In Ephesians, the apostle has the opportunity simply to explain the riches of the good news, to unfold how the
grace of God works in the lives of his people, and to give some basic moral principles.
In this commentary, Kurt Strassner conveys the apostle Paul’s sheer joy in the riches of the gospel, and provides
challenging practical application for Christian living in today’s world.

About the Author:

Kurt Strassner is pastor of Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio He graduated from the University of Mississippi and attended seminary in Memphis, Tennessee. He is married to Tobey, a homemaker, and together they have three children.

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Mr Paul D Blythe
Great Scripture Learning

Super fast delivery, great book.


This book is a welcome addition to the Opening Up series. Paul's letter to the Ephesians is a marvellous statement both of our calling in Christ and our obligation to live in the light of it. Kurt Strassner carefully and skilfully shows us how these twin emphases are interwoven in the course of this letter; and in doing so he helps us understand Paul's own concern in Ephesians: to show how God's revelation of grace in the gospel is of practical relevance for the whole of life.
—Iain D Campbell, Free Church of Scotland, Isle of Lewis, Moderator, General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland 2012

Kurt Strassner has produced one of the most concise, readable, and insightful commentaries available on Ephesians. He has the gift of simplicity and the courage 'to say it as it is' with a heart-searching and thought-provoking turn of phrase. This is an excellent primer. Although specifically written for those who wouldn't class themselves as theologians, no matter what age or stage you may be at in your pilgrimage to glory, you will find great help in understanding the deep things of God and their practical application to your life. Preachers will pick up nuggets of truth and small group leaders will find the questions and further study sections a real launching pad for ministry material. Above all else, Kurt is faithful to the text.
—John Shearer, Senior Pastor [Retired], Musselburgh Baptist Church, Scotland

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