Opening up 2 Timothy

Peter WilliamsSKU: OU2TIM65X ISBN: 9781846250651



2 Timothy is the last letter the apostle Paul ever wrote, and it contains his final counsel to Christian believers. From his opening words"Grace, mercy and peace" to his closing blessing "Grace be with you", his letter tersely counsels young Timothy what to do in the light of influences and pressures believers face as they live for God in difficult times. This easy-to-read guide to Paul's letter may be used for group or individual study.

About the Author:

Peter Williams is a Welshman from the town of Neath in South Wales. He is a graduate of the University of Wales and has degrees in theology and philosophy. He has served churches in England and Wales and has continued a preaching ministry since his retirement in 1997, now exercising oversight at Southbourne Evangelical Church in Bournemouth, England. He is author of several other books also published by Day One, including Opening up Haggai and Opening up Ezra. He and his wife, Brenda, have a son, daughter, and three grandsons.

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‘Here you will find love for Christ and his people, solid commitment to the authority of Scripture, and forthright explanations of the meaning of 2 Timothy. Peter Williams does not shirk hard issues, but neither does he dwell on them. He is not naïve about the difficulties facing Christians today, but he is not pessimistic about the future either—he is too wise a Christian and too wise a pastor for either. I gladly commend it to many readers.’
—Gary Benfold, Pastor, Moordown Baptist Church, Bournemouth, England

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