Opening Up 1 Samuel

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The book of 1 Samuel is the story of Israel seeking a leader. After the failures of Eli, Samuel, and Saul to properly guide the people, God raises up David, the man after his own heart. This commentary gives a brief explanation of the text and then shows how these events, which took place thousands of years ago, have direct and profound application to our lives today, having been recorded “for our instruction” (1 Cor. 10:11). It also reveals how every event pointed toward the coming of Jesus Christ (Luke 24:27), the final and ultimate Leader of the people of God.

About the Author:

For many years Jim Newheiser has found great joy and fulfillment in combining pastoral ministry in his local church with participation in training men for ministry both locally and abroad. A graduate of Westminster Seminary in California, (Doctor of Ministry and Master of Arts) and Baylor University (Bachelor of Business Administration), he is a certified biblical counselor and a NANC Fellow. He has pastored churches in Texas, Saudi Arabia and California. He has an extensive international ministry, having visited places such as Korea, India, Spain, Qatar and the Philippines. He and his wife, Caroline, have three grown children, David, Mark and Daniel. He resides in Escondido, California. He is author of several other titles also published by Day One, including opening up Proverbs.


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I Samuel is one of the most dynamic books of the Bible, a real page-turner, delightful for family devotions and for introducing congregations to the historical narratives of the Old Testament. Start here with Hannah, Samuel, the declension of Israel, the rise of Saul, the anointing of David, his friendship with Jonathan, Goliath, the death of Samuel, the death of Saul. It is mouth-watering to savour those names and all they mean to the history of God’s people. My friend Jim Newheiser, pastor and preacher, has opened up this narrative and shown us the lineage of the Messiah in the line of King David, and the powers of darkness that would have destroyed it. There is no better brief and helpful introduction.
—Revd Geoff Thomas, Pastor of Alfred Place Baptist Church, Aberystwyth, Wales

Many read the historical books of the Bible like 1 Samuel without consciously or deliberately connecting them to God's redemptive program in Jesus Christ. In doing this, at the very least, they miss out on seeing the beautiful tapestry of God's salvation story woven throughout the whole of Scripture. His commentary is a valuable help while at the same time his insights and applications will certainly make you want to treat this as a wonderful devotional supplement. Jim has successfully shown that Jesus Christ, and God's redemptive plan through Him, are indeed the centerpiece in the whole of Scripture.
—Robbie Casas, Pastor, Guiding Light Christian Church, Philippines

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