Opening Up 1 John

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The first Epistle of John was sent not to a particular church, but to all the people of God, in order to counteract the heretical teachings which were influencing believers in John’s day. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, John aims to make clear that there is no fellowship with God when the truth about Jesus Christ is not believed, and that only walking in obedience to the gospel maintains fellowship with God. By writing about God’s attributes, John wants to convince the children of God of the experimental reality of knowing God that guarantees them joys and privileges through the Covenant of Redemption. As we study this book we will see that ‘abiding in Christ’ is the secret of sustained assurance and perseverance, and that only those who are ‘born of God’ are capable of loving as He loves. It is only when genuine spiritual life
dwells within that believers are strong enough to overcome the wicked one, the world and indwelling sin.


‘It is scholarly in content yet simple to follow, theological in scope yet practical in application, and it does exactly what the title says: it opens up 1 John to the reader.
Christians will be both informed and enriched.’
Prof. Steve Taylor, Liverpool University, and part of the eldership team at Dovecot Evangelical Church, Liverpool

‘This helpful outline of the teaching of 1 John comments insightfully on every verse . . . The work makes frequent cross-references to other New Testament writings, so highlighting the consistency of the whole of God’s inspired revelation.’
Dr Jonathan Bayes, Pastor, Stanton Lees Chapel, Derbyshire

About the Author

Ian S McNaughton studied theology at the Free Church of Scotland College, Edinburgh, and gained his Master of Theology degree in Historic Theology from Westminster Theological Seminary, USA. He was ordained in 1977 and has
served as a pastor in the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC) since then. He is now retired and lives in Merseyside. He and his wife, Violet, have one adult son. His other books include Opening Up Colossians and Philemon (2006), Opening Up 2 Thessalonians (2008), Opening Up Job (2014) and Engaging with Islam: An
Evangelical Doctrinal Perspective (2019).

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John Palmer
Opening Up 1 John

Ian has done us a service in producing this short commentary. There is much truth concentrated here, but it is given in a clear and simple way. It is designed to help the ordinary Christian understand a book whose structure can seem complicated, and it breathes throughout a spirit of devotion. He begins with an overview, followed by a helpful summary of the main topics of the book. Here a question arises. John teaches that Christians are God’s children by the new birth; but does John also have a doctrine of adoption, such as Paul teaches? The author says yes; this reviewer remains to be convinced. But the point is made that the reality of Christians being God’s beloved children – to which there are 23 references in the letter underlies all. This title brings out clearly the vital truth that Christianity is fellowship with the holy God, which is eternal life, grounded in God’s love to us; & that we who enjoy this are also meant to enjoy assurance of salvation, by the witness of God’s Spirit. Those who follow false ‘Christs’, or who practice lawlessness, do not have eternal life – & Christians are to know this. The author interacts well with other good commentators through the ages, & provides questions for further study & group discussion. Here is simple, helpful teaching concerning the person of Christ, the true doctrine of the Trinity, union with Christ, and prayer, all with the aim of deepening Christians’ relationships with, love for, and worship of the Father and the Son.

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