Never give up on your Dreams

Mary Weeks MillardSKU: NGU2713 ISBN: 9781846252716



Gabrielle is six years old when her swimming instructor realizes that she has a natural talent and arranges for her to have extra swimming coaching. Through her dedication and self-discipline, and with the support of her family and especially her granny, Gabrielle gets better and better, and everyone thinks that she will soon be able to compete in the Olympics. She dreams of winning an Olympic gold. But one day, disaster strikes. What will happen to her Olympic dreams now?

About the Author:

Mary Weeks Millard began writing after she was widowed in 2000. She remarried Rev. Malcolm Millard and they live in retirement, in Weymouth. Mary has three married children and five grandchildren. For the past ten years she has been involved in short term missionary work in Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi using her nursing and health education skills. After many years of involvement in Sunday school and Bible Class teaching she now enjoys writing books to encourage young people to grow in the Christian faith.


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Customer Reviews

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The delight of being a child is not just an insatiable desire to learn, but also the fertile imagination and capacity to be creative. To play is to practice, and practice prepares us for real life in the real world. In these wonderful books ...Mary Weeks manages to combine biblical truth with a beauty and simplicity that will appeal to all and every child. Giving them the tools to play and practice the real life they are to face. Such simple learning and profound truth are surely what all of us should be giving to all the children in our life and around us. These books are a must for us all.
—Dr Peter R Holmes, Galveston, Texas

As a mother and grandmother Mary’s literary skills are at presently aimed at the needs of the young, for whom her life-long compassion now has a meaningful focus.
—Revd. Timothy G Alford

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