My book of hobbies and God's book the Bible

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We all have different hobbies and things we enjoy doing on our holidays and in our free time. Starting from Proverbs 30, Terence Crosby looks at its writer, Agur, to see what kinds of things he seemed to be interested in, and then takes us on 'outings' to experience and learn about some of those kinds of interests. From these, he draws lessons about eternal truths and our relationship with God. For example, we visit zoos, and learn lessons from insects, hear about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, go sight-seeing around a town, and watch a cricket match. In all these different things, Terence Peter Crosby engages us with pictures of God's wonderful salvation and how to grow in the Christian life.

About the Author

Terence Peter Crosby holds a PhD in Classics (Greek and Latin) from London University and was for some time Secretary of the Evangelical Library, London. He is the compiler of Day One’s volumes of daily readings 365 Days with Spurgeon, and the author of Greek to the Rescue.

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Customer Reviews

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Peter Currie
A fascinating book

This is a fascinating book on a wide range of interesting subjects, but the wonderful way the author uses this material to illustrate the great truths of the gospel takes it to a new level. May it be a blessing to many.

"wonderfully original"

‘Enjoy this rich fare, and may God be pleased to bless these pages to many people.’
—Clive Anderson

‘Day One publish some wonderfully original books and this is one of them’
—Matthew Pickhaver, English Churchman

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