Mark Time Course Part 1

Gerard Chrispin | Truth for all Time

ISBN: 9781846256608 | Day One Code: MTCC1


The Mark Time main book and this correspondence course,
when used together, will deepen your enjoyment and
knowledge of Mark’s Gospel.
This Correspondence Course is an enjoyable and simple
method of getting the most out of Mark’s Gospel.
Discounts are available upon request for churches
and groups that would like to run the Mark Time
Correspondence Course or Discussion Course.

About the Author

Gerard Chrispin is a Bible teacher, evangelist,
author, writer and occasional broadcaster. He is a
qualified lawyer experienced in contracts and criminal
law. He pioneered Missions Vacances in France and
Belgium and two prison ministries.
He is the author of several books published by
Day One, ranging from his largest work, The Bible
Panorama, to small booklets on various subjects.

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