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Mark's Gospel has always been a good starting point either for people who are searching for God, or for those who have become Christians and who want a good grounding in the gospel and teaching of Jesus. It is the shortest and simplest of the three synoptic gospels that summarize the birth, life, ministry, miracles, teaching, death, resurrection, and ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are other significant resources on Mark's Gospel, for instance, John Blanchard's 'Read, Mark, Learn' (which was so helpful to me as a young Christian) and Rico Tice's 'Christianity Explored'. But Mark Time! is different from both of those valuable works.

The stand-alone Mark Time! book will repay careful reading. It gives a clear, no- nonsense explanation of the whole of Mark's Gospel, in 52 very short and easy-to-read chapters. Each chapter contains the whole text of Mark's Gospel on which it comments. The Bible versions, used in equal measure, are New International Version, New American Standard Bible, English Standard Version, and New King James Version. Having said the book is a 'stand- alone' title.

And the good news is that there is also two optional Mark Time! correspondence courses which is simple without being simplistic, and which enables anyone following it to be sure that he or she has understood the text properly. You will find it enjoyable to use. Churches and groups find such correspondence courses extremely valuable both in reaching out with the gospel and in nurturing new Christians, or those needing a refresher course. 

As well as the obvious blessing and benefit any of the four segments can be to an individual, and to a church or a fellowship, this Mark Time! initiative is eagerly awaited in some prison chaplaincies, through Christian Prison Resources Ministries. Bible studies, Christian Unions, Youth Groups, and work-place fellowships all come to mind as potential beneficiaries.

About the Author:

Gerard Chrispin, has written a number of books for DayOne and a series of How can…? booklets to help people to trust Christ. The first edition of The Resurrection –The Unopened Gift was published in 1999 and was his first book. It is also available in French. As a former criminal lawyer Gerard Chrispin knows how to handle evidence. As a Bible teacher, associate pastor, evangelist and author he wants his readers to know that Christ really rose again and what that can mean to them. Whether addressing church folks, conference attendees, prisoners or anyone else he has one aim: make the good news of Jesus Christ clear and simple. Married with three adult children and six grandchildren, Gerard is a former rugby player and cricketer.

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From now on, the first commentary I will reach for is this one.
—Rico Tice, All Souls, Langham Place, London

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