Love your Muslim Neighbour

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How should we respond to the increasing influence of Muslims in UK society? The followers of Islam are making a momentous impact, particularly in education and politics. Some respond with alarm, while others are
indifferent.  However, Christians ought to be more discerning and seek to understand what is happening.  We need to get to grips with what Islam teaches, and understand its sense of community.
This sensitively written book, together with informative downloadable material, seeks to give Christians an overview of what it is to be Muslim and provides practical pointers on how to show them the love of Christ in a compassionate way, bearing in mind that ‘there is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear’ (1 John 4:18), and Jesus exhorts us to ‘love our neighbour’ (Mark 12:31).

Appendices 0 INDEX

Appendices 1 Muslim World Distribution

Appendices 2 Demographic Information

Appendices 3 The Qur'an, the Hadith

Appendices 4 The Ninety-Nine Names of Allah

Appendices 5 Mohammed's Claimed Ancestry

Appendices 6 Names of Prophets in the Qur'an

Appendices 7 Muslim Prayer 

Appendices 8 The Hajj (pilgrimage) 

Appendices 9 Significant Places

Appendices 10 Mosques in the UK

Appendices 11 A Day of Rest 

Appendices 12 Muslim Paradise 

Appendices 13 Muslim Hell 

Appendices 14 Symbols of Islam 

Appendices 15 Islamic Dress Code

Appendices 16 The Muslim Calendar 

Appendices 17 The Barnabas Connection

Appendices 18 ISIS - History and Impact 

Appendices 19 Comparison of Muslim and Christian World Views

Appendices 20 Comparison of Muslim and Christian Religious Terminology

Appendices 21 Helps For Sharing The Gospel

Appendices 22 Glossary of Arabic Words


Edward Challen trained as a medical laboratory scientist before studying at Bible college.  He then moved with his family to South Asia, living among Muslims and working in an outreach and churchplanting ministry.  From 1984 he had a pastoral ministry in Epsom for sixteen years, and Parkstone, Poole, for seven years.  In the three years before retirement he worked in the science laboratories at Gillingham School, Dorset. Since then he has continued local preaching and Bible study ministries.

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