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At the age of eighteen, Hazel Stapleton suddenly went from being a healthy, active teenager who had just embarked on a career in nursing, to being chronically ill, with numerous serious health complications developing over the subsequent years, leaving her house-bound and now mainly bed-bound. Since her diagnosis with the neuroimmune disorder ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), Hazel has realized that many people are unaware of the impact and serious nature of this illness, which is often portrayed as a psychological problem. In this book, through telling of her own experiences of ME, she seeks to raise awareness about this devastating condition and the effects it has on people’s lives.

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Hazel Stapleton is originally from North Somerset. She was diagnosed with ME in 1991. Since then her health has deteriorated, and she is now house-bound and most of the time bed-bound. Hazel lives with her parents in County Down, Northern Ireland.

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A much needed book

ME is a very misunderstood illness. Wrongly thought by some to be a mental health problem, ME is in fact a neuroimmune disorder affecting every system and part of the body. Through telling her own story, Hazel Stapleton clearly shows what a devastating condition ME is, with awful consequences for the sufferer and their loved ones. In my experience, churches have been very slow to try and understand ME and to support ME sufferers. I trust that this book will help to educate churches and individual Christians about ME, enabling them to support those with it.

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