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As a hammer is to a carpenter, a scalpel to a surgeon, a trowel to a brick mason or a needle to a tailor - so the voice is to a preacher. Man's voice is the primary means God uses to deliver His Word to mankind, yet how often we who are called to impart the most important truths in the world are apt to neglect, if not wilfully abuse our all-vital 'tool of the trade'. 
Can there be any more pitiful sight in all nature than a God-sent preacher who is forced to be silent? We are not thinking here however of a silence brought about by pressure from ungodly sources, but that which has been enforced because of the preacher's own negligence concerning his voice. 
Mike Mellor's goal is not to produce another speech book (of which a good number can be found, usually aimed at actors or singers) but that something of our high calling as God's spokesmen may be re-kindled and as a consequence our desire to care for the frail vehicle God has designed to convey his Word may be increased. 

About the Author:

Mike Mellor studied at the South Wales Bible College after which he pastored churches in South Wales and Central London and is currently a staff evangelist with the Open Air Mission. He is married to Gwen and they have four married daughters.


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Customer Reviews

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"…I haven’t seen anything like it for years, so it fits a good and helpful niche in the market… If, like me, you are prepared to pay the social cost of conditioning your voice by compulsive ‘humming’, you should still buy this little volume for the serious advice it contains.
—Jonathan Stephen, Principal of Wales Evangelical School of Theology and Director of Affinity

Here is a relevant book in a day when preaching is beginning to make a comeback again after several arid decades. In much of our modern preaching, some good attention is being given to content and the integrity required for Biblical ministry, but a great deal of catching up is necessary in terms of actual effective delivery. This book by an open air preacher will help us in our public speaking - even if our voices never have quite the resonance of a John Chrysostom, a Whitefield or a Billy Graham. Perhaps like Moses of old - surely the greatest example ever of a ‘made’ preacher - we can put into prayerful practice the invaluable suggestions and exercises given us by Mike Mellor. I certainly intend to do so myself.
—Rico Tice, Christianity Explored, All Souls Church, London

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