The Legendary Casey Jones

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The Legendary Casey Jones and Other American Folktales brings together many of Geoffrey Thomas’s short stories for the first time, each brimming with the big heartedness, warmth and homespun humour that he is known for.

Sweeping through southern deltas, western prairies and colonial outposts, Geoffrey Thomas introduces a host of extraordinary characters in his mesmerising tales of American heritage: blacksmiths, farmers, frontiersmen try to get by; a brave railroad engineer becomes a national hero; a Native American girl changes the course of history. 

Perfect for Middle Grade (7-10 years) readers and teeming with gospel truth and encouragement, Thomas’s stories are a delight. 

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About the Author

Geoffrey Thomas is an international conference speaker and multi-book author. He lives in London.


'Stories are powerful for lots of reasons, but one reason is because they can provide indirect encouragement to live a certain way, follow a certain principle, be a certain kind of person. We’ve all heard the saying, “The moral of the story is …” In this delightful book, Geoff Thomas draws out this principle from a number of American folktales, but with a big difference: he applies the moral in the story to Christ and the Christian life in surprising ways: some comparative, some contrastive—all creative! A most enjoyable read!'

— Jonny Gibson, Associate Professor of Old Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia; Author of The Moon Is Always Round

'This is truly a unique book. I’ve never read another like it. Geoff Thomas has gathered both famous American folktales and historical vignettes and blended them with Gospel truths, all delivered in a way only a great Welsh storyteller and preacher like Geoff can tell them. Whether you are new to these stories or its been years since you’ve read them, you’ll enjoy encountering them in this classic collection.'

— Donald S, Whitney, Professor of Biblical Spirituality and Associate Dean at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY; Author of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, Praying the Bible, and Family Worship.

'Everyone loves a story. A story with a lesson is far better than one with none. Biblical lessons are the best. Geoff Thomas is the consummate storyteller. Our children used to clamor, “Tell us another one!” On these pages you’ll find a fascinating mix of American folktales, with flavors from various nations. The bonus is the application—wisdom for everyday life and for eternal life. It’s golden!'

— Mary Beeke, Wife of Joel Beeke; Author of Law of Kindness

'As a dad of a sixteen year old I wish these books had been available years ago.  They are interesting, readable, funny and above all they point to the Lord Jesus Christ. The author is one of my heroes. His preaching, example and writing have helped me enormously.'

— Alun Ebenezer, CEO & Executive Headmaster, Fulham Boys School

'Geoff Thomas’s affection for the cultural heritage of the United States finds expression in this delightful collection of American folktales, retold in his inimitable style.  We find here all those winsome qualities that mark his preaching—the lush vocabulary of a master wordsmith, a colorful use of imagery and dialogue, a whimsical sense of humor, and a lyric expressiveness that seems to have sprung right out of the Welsh soil from which Geoff himself sprang!  But above all, we find woven through these tales that golden thread which has been the central theme of Geoff´s life—the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. With clarity and passion, he calls his readers to know and love that adorable Savior whom he knows and has proclaimed for many years on both sides of the Atlantic.'

— Martin Rizley, Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Málaga, Spain

'These tall tales and adventures teach important life lessons as they point the reader to our Ultimate Example, the Lord Jesus Christ. Highly recommended for young and old to share together. Once you read the first story you will not want to stop! Read & enjoy!'

 Mona Leiter, Mother, Grandmother, & Book Lover

'There is no better way to teach about the human condition than by telling stories. Stories stick in our minds far better than theology does, which is why the Bible is filled with stories. Geoff Thomas has picked some fine old stories to re-tell to the next generation. Then he uses the Bible to evaluate them. His strategy works.'

— Gary North, Literature Teacher, grades 9-12: Ron Paul Curriculum

'It would diminish Geoff Thomas to call him a mere raconteur, even in connection with a book of stories. What elevates Geoff is his readiness to see God’s truth revealed and reflected in the world God made, in both the virtues and the vices of his creatures. Here is a preacher, using fables and tales to make and to drive home spiritual points, showing himself both master and model.'

— Jeremy Walker, Pastor of Maidenbower Baptist Church

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