Kateryn Parr

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Kateryn Parr is often simply remembered as the last of Henry VIII’s wives … the survivor.
However, Kateryn’s life was much more complex than that.
She was held hostage in the Pilgrimage of Grace in 1536, made Regent of England in 1544 and was nearly arrested in 1546 when court rivals tried to depose her.
More importantly, she became a Christian after becoming queen.
God used Kateryn to aid the spread of the Reformation in England, particularly through her relationships with Edward VI and Elizabeth I, as she motivated them in their Christian lives.
She also became the first woman to publish under her own name, writing a book that clearly showed she was
someone who loved God and trusted him for her salvation.
This book takes us through Kateryn’s life, aiming to show her incredible story, and how she earned the title, ‘the nursing mother of the Reformation’.


‘Katheryn Parr was a Christian lady who played a major role in bringing Christianity to the nation.
I am delighted Hannah has taken the time to provide us with a biography that was worthy of writing.
This book is warm, very well written and brings the whole period to life.
It takes you on a journey with Kateryn Parr and you are disappointed when the journey ends.’
John G. Roberts
‘This wonderful little book gives some fascinating insights into the life of an important Christian in Tudor history.
It is well known how Elizabeth I played an important role in the Reformation, but what Hannah helpfully
explains is that, through God’s providence, Kateryn had an important influence on the faith of Elizabeth when she was a child.’
Prof. Stuart Burgess


Hannah Stone works for English Heritage as a Customer Service Advisor, and is an active member of Providence Baptist Church, near Westbury, Wiltshire.
Passionately interested in history, particularly the Tudors and the Reformation, she has a degree in
Medieval and Early Modern History from Bangor University.
Her dissertation explored Kateryn Parr and her impact on the Reformation.
She has since gained an MA in Heritage Management.
Hannah is the author of ‘Help! I’ve Got Cancer’, also published by Day One Publications.

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