Joseph: The Dream Interpreter

Helen ClarkSKU: PBPJ3058 ISBN: 9781846253058



Why read a book about Joseph? Everyone knows his stories—from his amazing multi-coloured coat to Pharaoh's dreams of lean and fat cows. But the story of Joseph is not a fairy-tale. He was a real person, and the amazing ups and downs in his life really happened. And there are big lessons we can learn from his story—especially about God's love for his people and his direction and guidance in every area of our lives. 

About the Author

Helen Clark was brought up in a Christian home in England and became a Christian at the age of 16. She became a nurse, was involved in youth work and married Stuart in 2006. They now live in Durban, South Africa. She is the author of further books in the 'Pocket Bible People' series.

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Customer Reviews

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This well presented book published by DayOne is one of a series by Helen Clark. It follows the life of Joseph and although as Helen Clark states in her introduction most people will have heard of Joseph - even if only as a theatre production and from school or Sunday school stories, she also points out there is more that can be learnt from looking at his life. The book is probably aimed at teenagers. The tone of the book is certainly aimed at young people. It is written in an easy to read style with each chapter starting with sections of the biblical account of Joseph with the relevant Scripture verses for reading first. Each chapter is then broken up into 'Messages for today' and 'Examples' so you have practical and up to date examples and summaries relevant to young people today, interspersed with more detail from the Biblical text. Each chapter finishes with a 'Think Tank' which gives questions for further discussion and other Scripture readings to promote further study. This is an excellent resource for teenagers and would be very good for Youth Groups or young people's Bible study groups. It is very readable and as there are 12 chapters in the book, it could give group leaders three months worth of good study material. It could also be used as personal devotional material and for a young Christian needing more insight into the way God leads his people through seemingly trying and difficult times, it would be a very encouraging read. Evangelical Times - 03/08/2012

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