John Newton—Through many dangers - Colour book

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Rejecting his mother’s Christian faith, John became a reckless, blasphemous
sailor and an evangelist for unbelief. Press-ganged onto a man-of-war, he
faced death in naval battle, was flogged for deserting his ship, and eventually
enslaved and starved in Africa. All because of his passion for ‘Polly’—a girl
beyond his reach. Later, as a slave-ship captain, John’s life was threatened by
mutinous crews, callous traders, desperate slaves, Barbary pirates, tropical diseases and violent storms. John’s encounter with God in an Atlantic storm transformed him to become the caring Christian pastor of the most influential church in the country. Among his congregation, he could number a Lord Mayor, prominent politicians, wealthy bankers, a national poet, a leading playwright and hundreds of the labouring poor. John’s unfading love for his wife, his wise counsel, his hymns and correspondence and his fight against the slave-trade, influenced the lives of thousands in his day. More than two hundred years after his death his letters and example are as valuable as ever. In this new and fully illustrated edition, the life of John Newton is seen against the colourful and cruel backcloth of the eighteenth-century

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About the Author:

Brian Edwards holds a degree in Theology from the University of London.
He pastored an evangelical church in London and is the author of over
twenty books. He co-authored the best-selling Evidence for the Bible and continues a ministry of preaching, lecturing, writing and editing. He is married to Rosie and they live in Greater London.

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Irene Cape
John Newton - Through Many Dangers

"Amazing Grace - that saved a wretch like me!" This popular hymn is enjoyed by many of us, who know little of how true those words were in the life of John Newton! Perhaps many know that he was a slave trader, but this book tells of the depth of depravity to which he sank as a pressganged seaman, and later as the captain of the slaveship. He was the son of a sea captain. He had a godly mother, who took him to Church and taught him from the Scriptures. Sadly, she died when he was not quite 7 years old. His stepmother was very different and he spent some time at a harsh boarding school before joining his father's ship as a cabinboy on his 11th birthday. After spending several years as a sea man and eventually as a ship's captain, he was caught in a storm and arrived as a shipwrecked mariner in Northern Ireland. On board he had read "In Imitation of Christ" by Thomas a Kempis and a New Testament, which he found in a cabin. The wayward young man found his way to a Church in nearby Londonderry, repented of the terrible life he had been living and dedicated his life to God. Leaving the sea he became a tide-surveyor in Liverpool. He was encouraged to begin preaching and consider Christian ministry. His application for ordination was turned down by the Archbishop of York as he had not been to university. He was offered a curacy at Olney, which he accepted saying "the Lord send me here, not to acquire the character of a ready speaker, but to win souls to Christ"! Highly recommended.

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