Jesus and Life's Four Great Questions

Nigel ScotlandSKU: JLFGQ4536 ISBN: 9781846254536



George Harrison of the Beatles once said there are three great questions we all have to face, Who am I?, Why am I here? & Where am I going? This small book sets out, albeit briefly, to examine life's major issues & the answers which Jesus sought to give to them. It will have a particular appeal to anyone who is beginning to search for answers to the meaning of life. It will also be of interest to anyone who is wanting or willing to explore the heart of the Christian faith.

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About the Author:

Nigel Scotland has spent the greater part of his life lecturing in church history at what became the University of Gloucestershire. He studied at McGill & Bristol Universities & earned a doctorate in Shurch History at the University of Aberdeen. He has been involved in Church planting & since 2006 has taught theology students of the Bristol Baptist College & Trinity College Bristol. Nigel is the author of 20 books. His first wife Liz died in 2010 & he has 2 married daughters. He is now married to Anne & they have 11 grandchildren between them. They live in Woodmancote on the outskirts of Cheltenham & worship at Trinity Church where Anne was part of the staff team for 9 years.


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Customer Reviews

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Arthur Champion
Credible, readable and relevant!

In this handy booklet, the Revd Dr Nigel Scotland has successfully blended his theological expertise with his experience as a parish priest. The character, teaching and personal example of Jesus Christ are shown to be very helpful when considering the deepest issues people are facing in the 21st century. Its a very readable booklet and I've purchased several dozen copies to pass onto those seeking baptism, weddings and funerals.

Jane Howell

Just finished reading this "easy to read "small booklet. Lots of interesting quotations and facts, that gives answers to life's questions. Handy to have one to give away when someone poses you that difficult question and you can't quite think of what to say !

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