Jesus in Jerusalem

Robert BashfordSKU: JJ6745 ISBN: 9781846256745



This book examines the record, in all four Gospels, of the first part of Jesus’ final week of ministry. Highlights include the Triumphal Entry; Jesus’ cleansing of the temple; his
debates with his critics; his denunciation of the religious leaders of his day; his
overview of world history until his Second Coming; his call to believers to be ready for his return; and his moving final appeal to all to come to him as Saviour. An appendix sets out the Bible texts in four parallel columns, to facilitate comparison.


‘It is a pleasure to commend this well-researched study of a neglected part of the last week of Jesus’ ministry . . . It will not only inform you, but move you to worship him anew.’
Wallace Benn, former Bishop of Lewes

About the Author

Robert Bashford taught languages in a secondary school in Essex for some years. He was involved in the work of Crusaders (now Urban Saints) and led Scripture Union beach-mission teams. He then became a full-time church minister, serving in Essex, Bedfordshire and Kent, and is now an actively retired minister in Northamptonshire. He is married and has two daughters and five grandchildren. His interests are music, reading, walking and photography.

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Customer Reviews

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John Mollitt
Jesus in Jerusalem: Prelude to the cross

This is a most helpful & informative book. In a useful intro, he suggests a chronological timetable & deals convincingly with the alleged differences to be found in the synoptic Gospels. The 4 or 5 days under consideration are full of significant events which are all covered in these pages – including the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the cleansing of the temple, the cursing of the fig tree, & the widow’s offering. They are also full of instructive teaching as Jesus answers his critics, informs his disciples, & speaks to the crowds. The range of teaching is extensive as Jesus deals with questions from his critics concerning his authority, the paying of taxes, the resurrection of the dead, & the most important commandment. His disciples are taught about faith, prayer, & forgiveness, & that the fall of Jerusalem is to be a curtain-raiser – albeit on a smaller scale – to the judgment that will fall on the world when Christ comes again. Jesus speaks to both his disciples & the crowds as he exposes hypocrites & explains the purpose of his mission. This is a well-researched book with fresh insights on familiar passages of Scripture. There is much material here for preachers, but it will be a blessing to every believer to walk with Jesus beneath the shadow of the cross. Robert Bashford’s desired aim is to engage the heart as well as the mind. In this he succeeds, with the introduction & every chapter helpfully concluding with an appropriate prayer. Warmly recommended.

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