Jesus and Eternity—Peace for Fear

Michael AustinSKU: JEPF7094 ISBN: 9781846257094



Never before in the history of the world have so many people faced ETERNITY.
With a focus on eternity, this book takes a look at various fears that afflict us—personal difficulties, anxiety, guilt and death.
Jesus spoke to this fearful world of troubled hearts and minds—do not be anxious about your life…! (Matthew 6:25).
Jesus knows about your fear—and the solution.
Whether you have Christian faith, a religious upbringing, or secular, atheistic, or meditation-based beliefs, or whatever—and face various fears—the challenge of ETERNITY is one you need to face.

‘ …a vital help … A book to change and convince an atheist, strengthen and equip a struggling or troubled believer, it powerfully shows us how Jesus Christ is the only answer to the fears that dominate us.’
Pastor Mark Stocker, Southampton

Michael Austin, Ph.D., enjoyed the fascination of the aero engines industry, followed much later by not less fascinating work on developments in cardiology stents.
He also served in pastoral ministry for many years.
His writing shares how biblical Christianity is always up-to-date, intellectually defensible and profoundly relevant. Jesus Christ is the one final answer for fear and for eternity.

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Customer Reviews

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Peter Murcott

Fear has many causes. One that this book identifies at an early stage is “eternity-phobia” - the paralysing thought that one is going to live forever. Whilst being aware that some atheists dislike the concept of eternal life, “eternity-phobia” is a new expression to this reviewer. Thus, many unbelievers outwardly present more confidence than they possess, since theirs is a “sort of confidence [that] has no time for religious beliefs”(p.13).
After considering the Bible’s sufficiency for believers, the author turns to the roots of fear, which are guilt and anxiety, following which Chapter Five raises the question: “Can Darwin help?” Well, many think so: else why is the theory of evolution taught in schools? Yet “Darwin’s scheme leaves us as degraded animals with an accidental origin in a pool of chemicals on a journey to nowhere” (p.34). On the other hand, the living Creator God, who cannot lie, has told the world: “I am the LORD, and there is none else”. Those are the stark alternatives both with regard to this life and to what lies beyond the grave.

Peter Murcott

None of this means that Christians never fear; after all, experience proves otherwise. The author provides some Biblical instances in Chapter Six, from Abraham and Sarah in a strange land to Paul and how he dealt with his many trials and tribulations through prayer to God. But what assists atheists, who are the subject of Chapter Seven, entitled - “Atheism? - No fear!”
This opens by asking how atheism deals with fear. This is a fascinating question. After all, Christians can take comfort from God’s infallible Word with its many promises such as “Do not be afraid of sudden fear when it comes…” [Proverbs 3:25 & 26] and Christ’s comforting words to His disciples that He had overcome the world [see: John 16:33]. But on whom or what can atheists rely?
Chapter Seven provides considerable detail of what certain atheists believe about the world, but one tended to be left wondering how atheists deal with fear at a practical, every day level.
Chapters Eight to Twelve (pp.51-83) focus upon God. In so doing, they fulfil the book’s title. Fear is pretty prevalent just now, exacerbated by Russia’s careless talk about using nuclear weapons. This book brings to mind “The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe.” [Proverbs 29:25]. That is very reassuring.

Paul Hooper
Great Evangelistic and Faith Strengthening Book

What an absolute gem of a book this is. Michael Austin the author, packs a lot into this 84 page turner. Jesus and Eternity covers important topics relevant to the church today. Why Jesus? Is the Bible sufficient? Jesus and eternal life. These and other topics are well covered in the twelve chapters of the book. I would encourage you to purchase copes for your churches evangelistic outreach. The book is a great witnessing tool. It's also an excellent primer for Christians to share the Gospel of eternal life. Jesus is the only one to give Peace for fear.

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