Jesus and Eternity—Peace for Fear

Michael AustinSKU: JEPF7094



Never before in the history of the world have so many people faced ETERNITY.
With a focus on eternity, this book takes a look at various fears that afflict us—personal difficulties, anxiety, guilt and death.
Jesus spoke to this fearful world of troubled hearts and minds—do not be anxious about your life…! (Matthew 6:25).
Jesus knows about your fear—and the solution.
Whether you have Christian faith, a religious upbringing, or secular, atheistic, or meditation-based beliefs, or whatever—and face various fears—the challenge of ETERNITY is one you need to face.

‘ …a vital help … A book to change and convince an atheist, strengthen and equip a struggling or troubled believer, it powerfully shows us how Jesus Christ is the only answer to the fears that dominate us.’
Pastor Mark Stocker, Southampton

Michael Austin, Ph.D., enjoyed the fascination of the aero engines industry, followed much later by not less fascinating work on developments in cardiology stents.
He also served in pastoral ministry for many years.
His writing shares how biblical Christianity is always up-to-date, intellectually defensible and profoundly relevant. Jesus Christ is the one final answer for fear and for eternity.

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