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It is quite remarkable that until now no substantial biography has appeared to recount the life of James Montgomery (1771-1854). His memoirs were published in 7 volumes in 1856, several lectures have been given in more recent times and a book of Montgomery's poems was published in 2000. Readers are now able to acquaint themselves with the life, experiences and work of this godly man in a modern biography. James Montgomery was born in Scotland, educated and nurtured by evangelical Moravians in West Yorkshire and then spent many years of his life in Sheffield serving of the lord, making known the gospel of grace, initiating and supporting many Christian causes. He was a literary figure of some stature, editing a newspaper and writing numerous hymns, many of which are still sung by congregations today.

About the Author:

Paul S Taylor is a Yorkshireman who has worked in Wath-on-Dearne, Buxton and Sheffield, all places associated with James Montgomery. Formerly an accredited Methodist local preacher, he has served the Lord in a preaching and teaching ministry for 55 years. He is married to Margaret and have 2 children.


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James Montgomery is one of our great hymn writers. In his day, he was acclaimed a great poet and social reformer. A successful business man, he was a publisher, newspaper proprietor and editor. He was a man of steadfast Christian faith. There has long been a need for a modern assessment of Montgomery’s life and achievements. Paul Taylor’s book fills the gap admirably. He presents a balanced and lively study of this remarkable man. The book will be a valuable reference work, but it is more than this: it is an eminently readable story of the influences that made Montgomery and of the impact he had upon local and national events of the early 19th century.
—George Tolley, Canon City Emeritus of Sheffield Cathedral

The extensive bibliography indicates wide reading around the subject and the author’s appreciation of the man and his works comes through clearly. Like many in the Moravian Church, Montgomery was a traveller and worked hard on both missionary and Bible tours. As a social reformer, his anti-slavery work and campaigns against chimneysweep boys are recorded. The appendices are helpful in providing additional background information and the chapter on Montgomery’s hymns is particularly interesting. This volume will give a general introduction to the man for all people and, as Montgomery himself says, ‘This is the way God’s gifts to use, first enjoy and then diffuse.’
—Bishop John McOwat, a Bishop in the Moravian Church

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