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Under the title Surprise Package, Heidi’s early story was told by her parents and published in 2003. Starting with that account by Steve and Liz, I’m just Heidi continues with Heidi’s own story and that of ‘Heidi and James’. Their story beautifully demonstrates lives worth living with Down’s syndrome.
Often heart-breaking, always honest, frequently amusing—and above all
exceptionally challenging.

‘There are few people in this world as passionate, articulate, thoughtful and life-giving as Heidi Carter… Heidi lives her life to the full. As we follow Heidi moving into her own flat, holding down a job, getting married, and speaking out for equality for others with Down’s syndrome, her love of Jesus shines through. This is an amazingly encouraging book, and a
fascinating insight into how Heidi came to be the trail-blazing woman that she is today.’

Sally Phillips Actress and mum to Olly

‘A story of the heartache and joy, hopes and fears of having a child with Down’s syndrome… Anyone who has met the irrepressible Heidi and the lovely James will instantly recognise their authentic voices jumping out of the page with their characteristic optimism, realism, understanding and faith. Those who believe that people with Down’s syndrome cannot
have fulfilling and meaningful lives should read this book and think again.’

Dr Liam Fox MP

‘I’m just Heidi gives us a greater insight into the phenomenon that is Heidi Crowter. I loved ‘hearing’ the different voices in the book; those of her parents, but more importantly, getting the thoughts and writings of Heidi and James themselves… Heidi is a prolific human rights campaigner. Being doggedly determined can be trying but it can also lead to great achievements.’

Lynn Murray Don’t Screen Us Out

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Anne Jordan
Thought provoking

A wonderful book, honest and real. When I finished reading it I felt as though Heidi had stepped out of the book and asked "Hi, when is your birthday! " Heidi's Christian faith ( I too am a Christian) is not just part of her but is the whole. I could not put it down and read it in two days. Keep going Heidi like Wilberforce you too can be a life changer.

Ian Coupland
Refreshing Perspective

While I’ve always known what is possible it is amazing to have someone putting this perspective out there in the world. A valuable literary work that should serve to further advance societies understanding of people with Down Syndrome's abilities.

Absolutely amazing read

I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a book as much as this one it is an amazing read and definitely an eye opener for someone who thinks negatively about life with disabilities

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