Ice and Fire

Mike MellorSKU: IF6462 ISBN: 9781846256462



Who hasn’t felt the life-sapping power of discouragement? 
Here Mike Mellor exposes the dark power behind discouragement, and how to recognize the various forms and guises in which this dark visitor can come to us (‘Ice’). 
He then shows how God has provided us with all we need in order to be ‘more than conquerors’ (‘Fire’), drawing upon the experiences of numerous Christians, past and present, in the form of ‘minibiographies’ of those who have ‘run the race’ and who, by their fiery example, urge us on in these increasingly trying times. 
This inspirational book will spur all Christians on in their daily lives, and will be particularly encouraging for those in ministry and evangelism.


Mike Mellor has been in ministry for thirty-five years, having pastored churches in South Wales, Covent Garden and Dorset, and having served as a staff evangelist for the Open Air Mission. 
Now retired, he enjoys riding the roller coaster with AFC Bournemouth and is involved in itinerant preaching, evangelism and evangelism training. 
He is the author of Look After Your Voice, I Was Sick and You Visited Me and The Pursuit: The Work of the Holy Spirit in Evangelism.
He is married to Gwen and has four married daughters and seven grandchildren.


'Comes like an inspiring song of praise which will stir our faith and set hearts aflame.’ 
Dr John Benton, Director for Pastoral Support for the Pastors’ Academy, London Seminary 

‘We are human and face fears and discouragements, but Ice and Fire is like a blowtorch designed to evaporate those icy notions which turn us away from being the people we know we should be.’ 
Roger Carswell, evangelist and author 

‘A must-read for a naïve generation of Christians who have not faced up to what we must expect if we’re to take up our cross and follow Christ.’ 
Rico Tice, Senior Minister, All Souls Church, London, and co-author of Christianity Explored

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