How to save a life: Lessons from the Greatest Lifesaver

Paul HintonSKU: HSL5601 ISBN: 9781846255601



 It began as an ordinary, everyday chat about a cold drink on a hot day, and ended as an extraordinary conversation about eternal life! We don’t know exactly how long they talked together—possibly only a matter of minutes—but the repercussions were massive. This book traces that conversation between Jesus and an unnamed Samaritan woman, giving an insight into the motivation and methods of the greatest lifesaver of all. Biblical, practical, and filled with stories and illustrations, this book will equip you to be a more effective witness. 

About the Author:

Paul Hinton worked for twenty years as a fulltime evangelist throughout the UK, speaking in universities and churches. He went on to pastor a church and is now a church-planter in Leeds. He is the co founder of Connected Ministries’, a church planting initiative in West Yorkshire. He is married with four children.

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