How to make your marriage last: A Wife’s Guide

Ann BentonSKU: HM4802 ISBN: 9781846254802



According to 2012 data from the Office for National Statistics, 42 per cent of marriages in England and Wales end in divorce.  The sentiments and promises sincerely expressed on a wedding day do not guarantee a lasting marriage— and nor does a Christian faith.  You have to do more than just want a lasting marriage, and certainly more than merely expect it.  So what can a wife do to strengthen her marriage?  Here Ann Benton provides wise and practical counsel for women who want to ensure their marriages go the distance.

About the Author

Ann Benton graduated in Developmental Psychology and worked as a primary school teacher. But she has spent most of her adult life as a happy homemaker and with her husband John, a pastor, has raised four children, all of whom are now married. Ann has written books on family-related topics and is a popular speaker at women’s conferences and gatherings of ministers’ wives.

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