How to make your marriage last: A Husband's Guide

John BentonSKU: HM4796 ISBN: 9781846254796



What is the key to a long and successful marriage? Why do some marriages go the distance, while others fall apart?  In particular, what can men do to keep their marriages going?  In this short but practical guide, John Benton uses the Bible as a framework to provide some answers.  Here are four essentials that will make a marriage that is satisfying, enjoyable and worthwhile, and therefore likely to last.

About the Author

John Benton trained as a scientist and taught mathematics before becoming the pastor of Chertsey Street Baptist Church, Guildford, where he has served since 1980. He is also editor of the monthly Christian newspaper Evangelicals Now, and the author of a number of Christian books. He met Ann while they were both studying at university and shortly after Ann was converted to Christ. A friend was heard to comment that it was the neatest bit of follow-up work ever done. They married in 1970. 

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