Help! Someone I love has dementia

Jo JohnsonSKU: Help26 ISBN: 9781846254581



A diagnosis of dementia usually comes as a great shock. Christians are not
promised exemption from ill-health or the distress that comes with a difficult
diagnosis. This booklet sets out the basic facts about dementia, corrects some
common misconceptions and gives practical ideas for supporting loved ones.
The booklet ends with a biblical understanding of dementia, offering hope
and comfort to the individual as well as family and friends.

About the Author:


Jo Johnson was a clinical psychologist within the NHS for nearly twenty years, but now works as an independent neuropsychologist specializing in dementia, multiple sclerosis and brain injury. Having become a Christian as a teenager, she now attends Storrington Chapel and lives with her husband and four children in West Sussex.

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Tina Cole

My husband has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's /dementia, we have suspected it for a while and put into place various things ie: wills etc. So it was not such a shock to us as a family, in fact rather a relief that we had a diagnosis. However this booklet was a great help in knowing what we thought and knowing we were on the right track !! It was also helpful from a Christian view as well. I would certainly recommend it for people in our situation to read . I am going to order a couple in case I come into contact with folks who might need help. Thank you. Tina Cole

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