Help! I am walking through Trauma

Katherine BejideSKU: HELP37 ISBN: 9781846256417



When trauma is experienced, it can create a very hopeless picture both for those facing it and those who wish to walk with a friend through it. 
The myth surrounding trauma, is that it never gets better, and that God has forsaken us.
This booklet aims to contradict that myth and demonstrate that there is something more powerful and life-changing than trauma. 
It also aims to enable friends to provide a loving and genuine response to those in pain.

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Customer Reviews

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Bob Duerden
A book full of wisdom, encouragement, gentleness and hope.

I read this book whilst going through my own personal trauma convalescing from neurosurgery. It was very much a time of questions and doubts, with the question 'why?' often occurring. I found Katherine's book full of understanding, encouragement and hope. Her gentle and practical teaching both from the Bible and her own experience shines a light on this difficult area of human experience for which there are no easy answers. Her use of the account of Jesus' meeting with the Samaritan woman at the well as a parallel to the experience of spiritual trauma is most illuminating and throws a whole new light on that situation. The addition of advice and guidance in each chapter on how to help a friend or family member who is experiencing the ongoing consequences of trauma adds an invaluable dimension to this book. Having experienced the 'helpful but unhelpful' comments of some on my own journey, it is good to have a book that gives high quality practical advice on getting alongside those who may find themselves in a trauma situation. This book is a little gem.

John Pratchett
Insightful. Moving. Authentic. Healing.

This little book is a must for anyone going through any kind of traumatic experience. Katherine, a Christian with an enormous heart for people, writes out of her own fresh revelation of Jesus' love and his desire to heal and restore, particularly those who are hurting because of a traumatic experience. Let me say, that if you are not a Christian, but have an open heart and mind, then this book is for you. If you follow the clearly written steps in each short chapter, the effects of your trauma could be a thing of the past.

Carol Waters
Honest and encouraging

Such a well written book which follows a well known story from the Bible. As the story unfolds through several chapters there are words of encouragement for the person experiencing trauma and for those supporting a loved one or friend experiencing trauma. For me the biggest message is that "you are not alone". Whilst I am not a deeply religious person in the sense of the word, I found answers to questions that I have been grappling with over the last 5 years, and this provided me (even now) with comfort and acceptance. An emotional read - my copy is already dog-eared and wet from tears that I long thought I had finished shedding. I would highly recommend this book.

Jan Klein
Wisdom,honesty and clarity

Following a cancer diagnosis, I have been working through Katherine's book slowly and have found it extremely easy to digest steps outlined clearly in each chapter. As Christian's, we know Jesus is the only way through trauma; but are not always sure how to reach him when we are in emotional turmoil, so this is a gem of a guide. I trust its wisdom, honesty and clarity will help countless others, too, whatever kind of trauma we are dealing with.

Beautiful, moving and full of encouragement!

Such a beautifully written book full of encouragement. I particularly found the ‘encouragement for friends’ sections helpful having not been through a trauma personally but have walked alongside friends who have. Emotional but powerful! Will definitely recommend to anyone who is facing painful times or knows someone who is.

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