Helen Cadbury—Unashamed

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Cadbury’s is a name known the world over.
Their chocolate is sold in nearly every continent. Yet, we rarely think of its small beginnings in Birmingham and the family
behind that famous name. Many also do not know of the wonderful Christian faith of its early founders.
Helen was the daughter of Richard Cadbury, one of the pioneers of the company, and she has a fascinating story to tell, herself. This book shares that story: How, as a young girl, she started the
successful, long-lasting, international work in the distribution of New Testaments. How she married a famous, worldwide evangelist and coped with extensive world travel in the early 1900s to bring the
gospel to many countries. 
How she dealt with the trials that life brought, including the loss of two God-fearing husbands and her only child.
How, after losing her second husband, she remained a widow for over forty years and yet continued to serve God faithfully.
Helen Cadbury experienced all these and sought to live by her signature text of Romans 1:16: ‘For I am not ashamed of the
gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation.’

‘In [Helen Cadbury’s] life story, we capture a picture of someone who experienced the sorrows of so many Victorians, yet prayerfully maintained a sacrificial life of evangelism and
philanthropy. Read and be blessed. 
Chocolate will never be the same again, but nor will be your
appreciation of zealous Christianity.’

Roger Carswell, Evangelist and author 

‘Helen Cadbury gave heart and soul to everything she did. Janice
Pibworth has captured the commitment and joyful purpose of her life.’
Mary Penny, Great niece of Helen Cadbury

‘Janice Pibworth offers a masterful account of a long-neglected Christian.
The life of Helen Cadbury Alexander Dixon could have been told as a chocolate heiress who married two influential evangelical revivalists.
Happily, the reader is rewarded with much more – a deep and thoughtful exploration of her personal trials, philanthropic work, and lasting influence through the Pocket Testament League.’
Kevin Mungons, Moody Publishers, Chicago

Janice Pibworth was born in York and it was while at school that she became a Christian.
She then joined an evangelical church and became a member of
the National Young Life Campaign.
Janice trained as a teacher and obtained a B.Ed. in Theology and
Education from Lancaster University.
First teaching Liverpool, later she moved to Bedfordshire, and it was here that she became a head teacher at a lower school.
She is married to Nigel and has two daughters and five
She is now retired and enjoys time with her family, making cards,
baking, entertaining friends and writing.

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