Heart cries to heaven

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Heart Cries to Heaven: A Book of Prayers is a collection of David Campbell's prayers from Grace Baptist Church of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. You will not find here 'off the cuff' prayers rattled perfunctorily; rather, the prayers are timeless, thoughtful, biblically sound, reverent and heartfelt.

David Campbell's prayers are helpful in leading worshippers "whether in public, or in the privacy of their prayer close" to God's throne of grace. Reading these prayers may move our hearts to petition the Lord for things we might not otherwise have considered.

About the Author

David Campbell was born and raised in Scotland and was converted to Christ as a child. During his bachelor’s degree at Glasgow University he felt a call to the gospel ministry and subsequently spent four years studying at the Free Church of Scotland College in Edinburgh.

After being the pastor of the Geneva Road Evangelical Baptist Church in Darlington, England, he began his ministry in Grace Baptist Church, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He and his wife, Mairi, have two daughters, Megan and Caitriona. David is also author of Day One’s Travel with John Knox.


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Customer Reviews

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This book consists of 108 pages of prayers which David Campbell prayed at the church where he is a pastor in the US. They have been compiled by Sara Leone. The book is laid out in 6 sections: Prayers of Invocation & Adoration;Prayers of Confession; Prayers of Illumination; Prayers of Application; Prayers of Intercession; and Benedictions. The book is part of a series called Reflections. The aim of the book is to encourage prayer, whether in public or privately, by reading the prayers laid out on the page. The prayers do encourage personal reflection and would be good for private meditation and worship, although not all the prayers would suit this setting. The prayers could be read before an individual's own devotions to give ideas and stimulate prayer. With each prayer there is a Bible verse or quotation in the margin, which can encourage wider reading. In terms of public praying, the book is useful for church leaders and for those who pray publicly because it can be used to inspire different prayer topics. For instance, there is a prayer for use at the beginning of the school year and another prayer for persecuted believers. Some of the turns of phrase used in the book could also be helpful for those praying publicly. I appreciated the book. I found that some of the prayers in the sections on confession and intercession were particularly helpful. Are the prayers heart cries to heaven? Yes they are!
Evangelicals Now 2010 - Jennie Muldoon, Carey Baptist Church Reading

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