Handle that new call with care

David CampbellSKU: HNCC1535 ISBN: 9781846251535



Should I stay put or should I move on to another sphere of pastoral ministry?'
  How frequently a minister may find himself asking this question and how much does he have to strive in prayer to discern the mind of God who has called him with a holy calling to shepherd his church! Of course, the assumption of the question is that there is a call being extended to a new pastorate. Some men find that they have to wrestle with the question whether they should leave the pastorate altogether - either for a different ministry or in order to retire or to take up some other kind of work. 
  This helpful little book examines the principles for accepting or declining of a call to a new pastorate and examines them in the light of the Bible, the history of the church and God's providence.

About the Author:

David Campbell was born and raised in Scotland and was converted to Christ as a child. During his bachelor’s degree at Glasgow University he felt a call to the gospel ministry and subsequently spent four years studying at the Free Church of Scotland College in Edinburgh. After being the pastor of the Geneva Road Evangelical Baptist Church in Darlington, England, he began his ministry in Grace Baptist Church, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He and his wife, Mairi, have two daughters, Megan and Caitriona. David is also author of Day One’s Travel with John Knox.


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Customer Reviews

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"immense value"

In this little book, David Campbell has dealt with a theme that is among the most important in any minister's life, yet among the least tackled in pastoral literature: what is a minister to do when a church calls him away from the congregation in which he is currently ministering? By looking at ministerial biographies, David has gleaned important principles and suggestions to guide a minister in this most crucial of all dilemmas. By drawing on his own experience and that of others, he has written a book which will be of immense value in helping ministers recognise God's leading in their lives.
—Rev Dr Iain D Campbell, Free Church of Scotland

Pastor Campbell has made a significant contribution to us all with this fine book. The entire area of a pastor considering whether he should accept a call to another pastoral charge, thus leaving his own flock, is a complex matter which contains a veritable mass of issues and can be one of the most difficult experiences through which a man and his church can go. There are questions for the man to face on a number of levels - his own spiritual livelihood, his gifts, his experience, his family, the church he is leaving, and, of course, the church to which he would consider moving.
—Rev Robert B. Selph, Senior Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, South Carolina

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