Handbook on Open Air Evangelism

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Since 1853, The Open-Air Mission has sought to present the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the masses in the public arena. Among its other aims and objectives, the Mission endeavours to assist, nurture, train and develop others in open-air evangelism.

This book seeks to build upon the ‘how-to’ guide developed by Edwin Baker and Alan Greenbank in the 1980s, drawing from much experience gained in the intervening years. Although primarily designed to help those engaged in open-air outreach, there are numerous helpful hints and tips which will assist any believer in sharing their faith with others. The aim of this publication is to make a positive impact in nurturing and encouraging a God-honouring evangelism, especially in the open-air.

With contributions from

Edwin Baker,

Roger Carswell,

Paul Linnell,

Andy Little,

Mike Mellor

Sam Webster

 ‘This book is written by men from the coalface, who have been out there, year in and year out,    summer and winter. They know what they are talking about … This book is full of helpful advice and wise counsel … that needs to be taken on board in every form of evangelism.’ —

Pastor Hugh Collier, Great Ellingham, Norfolk



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