Hallmarks of design

Stuart BurgessSKU: HALL ISBN: 9781846251399



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The Design argument contends that design in nature reveals a Designer. This book presents this in the light of the latest discoveries about the complexity and beauty of the natural world.

About the Author:

Professor Stuart Burgess has taught engineering design at Cambridge University and Bristol University. He has also carried out spacecraft design for the European Space Agency. In 1989 he received a Design Council Prize for engineering design presented by the Minister of State for Trade and Industry. In 1993 he received the Turners Gold Medal for the design of the solar array deployment mechanism on the £1.4 billion ENVISAT satellite (presented by the Vice Chancellor of City University).

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Customer Reviews

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This Book

This Book is one of the Best Book I have ever Read. Full of Knowledge and Information love reading every single sentence , very beautifully written by Prof Burgess. This Book is Great to get knowledge about Science and God... Thank You Prof, Stuart Burgess...


‘Compelling presentation of the evidence of design in the natural world.’
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‘Professor Stuart Burgess writes in plain, easy-to-understand terms of the complexity and beauty of living creatures all around us. God has placed his hallmark on creation, and it is this argument that Professor Stuart Burgess brilliantly expounds. Readers of this book will be intrigued by the delightful summary of example after example, showing hallmarks of design in the natural world.’
From the Preface by Professor Andy McIntosh, University of Leeds

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