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The abundance of Old Testament doxologies and benedictions is overwhelming, but Stan Evers has selected eighteen, beginning with the first recorded prayer in the Bible (Gen.4:26), Some are familiar, such as Numbers 6:22-27, which is often used at the end of worship, and Job 1: 21, a bereaved father’s praise.  Others are not so well-known, such as 1 Chronicles 29:10-11 (which anticipates the Lord’s prayer), the praise and prayer of an old king; and Daniel 2:20-23, a prophet’s benediction. The author desires that reflection on these expressions of praise will lead to a fresh awareness of God’s grace and glory. He is worthy of our praise!


Stan Evers, a Londoner, was the pastor of Potton Baptist Church, Bedfordshire, from 1986 until his retirement in 2011. Married to Wendy, he now lives in Welwyn, Hertfordshire, and keeps busy preaching and lecturing on church history.
He is author of Doing a great work – Ezra and Nehemiah simply explained
(Evangelical Press), Christ in Exodus (Grace Publications), Doxology! Exploring and enjoying New Testament benedictions (Day One).


It is a real pleasure to commend Hallelujah!, the latest offering from the pen of Stan Evers. As its subtitle helpfully alerts us, this is an invitation to explore and enjoy the benedictions of the Old Testament. In other words, this is not intended to be a deeply technical work. Rather, its chief aim is twofold: to encourage the reader to a better understanding of these benedictions, and also to inspire a personal and devotional response to them. In this it succeeds admirably, and in no small measure due to the warmth of a pastoral heart which pervades each of its chapters. Hallelujah! is a worthy companion to the author’s earlier work on the New Testament entitled Doxology! Both volumes are available from Day One Publications.

Daniel Webber, former Mission Director of the European Missionary Fellowship and Principal of its School of Biblical Studies for 21 years. Before joining the EMF he had served as pastor of Waterford House Evangelical Free Church, Strood, Kent. He now lives in Bangor, Northern Ireland.

Benedictions and doxologies, which often conclude sections and passages of Holy Scripture, are all too frequently overlooked by even the most attentive of Bible readers. But as this new study by Stan Evers rightly reminds us, these portions of God’s Word contain doctrinal riches well worth contemplating and thrilling assurances we need to remember. Read, ponder well, and rejoice!

Michael A. G. Haykin, FRHistS, Professor of Church History, The Southern Baptist
Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

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Grahame Wray, Leeds
Hallelujah! Exploring and enjoying the Old Testament benedictions

This delightful devotional study takes us on a walk through the Old Testament benedictions, from the earliest days when men began to call upon the name of the Lord. Historical insights are given to help readers understand better what prompted such outbursts of praise. By the time we have worked through from Moses to Habakkuk, including five sections on the book of Psalms, we have been given a deep insight into the very heart of God, and shown why it was that men penned these remarkable hymns of praise – and why we ought to too.
Most especially, Evers helps prompt similar praise from modern day saints as he shows that the experiences of the saints of old dimly foreshadowed and anticipated the mighty salvation only fully to be found in the gospel of the Lord Jesus. The book therefore calls believers and nonbelievers alike to a walk with God that will inevitably be taken up with a like spontaneous love, wonder, and praise. Sometimes the style is a little shotgun, in the sense that we can be whisked off down a rabbit hole which leaves us scratching our heads as to where this nugget of truth came from in this or that particular benediction. But such license is surely permissible when it is God’s infinite beauty and majesty we are trying to extol. As we are reminded from the exhortation in Psalm 150:2, ‘our praise, while on earth, is always inadequate’. But this book helps take us that bit deeper into worship that is truly in spirit and in truth!

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