Grow: The command to ever-expanding joy

Justin HuffmanSKU: G5687 ISBN: 9781846255687



Grow in grace: every Christian is expected to do it, yet many feel they have failed to grow consistently. But how can we grow? Isn’t that something God just sort of does for us or in us? In this encouraging and accessible book, Justin Huffman considers some of the means God has given us for spiritual growth. Many of these will be familiar and expected; others may be new and surprising. Yet all of God’s means of grace have this common objective: to draw us closer to Christ and, in doing so, make us more like Christ.

About the Author:

Justin Huffman has pastored in the USA for over fifteen years and has travelled to every continent except Antarctica— because, as his youngest son has observed, penguins don’t need the gospel. Justin is also author of ‘Daily Devotion’, a top-rated iTunes/Android app with over half a million downloads around the globe. He blogs at


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