Grace - amazing grace

Brian EdwardsSKU: GRACE ISBN: 9781846253362



'Grace is one of the most beautiful words in any language, and it is the most supreme description of God' with these opening words the author introduces his theme and in sixteen chapters portrays the grace of God in a variety of aspects, including chapters on Forgiving Grace, Universal Grace and Ultimate Grace.

About the Author:

Brian Edwards is the author of twenty books, including one on the accuracy and authority of the Bible, historical biographies on William Tyndale and John Newton and Grace – amazing grace, a study of the greatest word in the Christian vocabulary. He edits the Day One Publications Travel Guide series and preaches and lectures across the UK and abroad. Brian is married to Rosie and they live in Surrey, UK.

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"vastness of the grace of God"

Surely there cannot be a more wonderful subject for the Christian than the Grace of God! Grace is not simply what God does, it is what God is, pictured beautifully in our Saviour Jesus Christ. Until reading this book I had failed to realise how many times the apostles make mention of grace in their letters in both the opening salutation and final remarks as well as the exhortation concerning various Christian priciples to be followed in the church. It was the constant theme of the apostles to encourage the saints and to point out it is by grace that the church exists and continues. The author addresses the doctrine of grace in all its facets; for by grace is the foundation of our hope of, preparation for and praise in eternity. In the 17 chapters, Edwards addresses how grace is apparent and evident in our every day existence; in our interactions in and with the world, with other believers in Christ and our relationship with God, our heavenly Father. Written in simple readable language, often bringing out the meaning behind the original words that better illuminates the subject, the book gives the reader a better understanding of this great doctrine in its wider application to our Christian testimony, lives and witness. I am better informed of this great doctrine as a result of reading the book and suggest if you want a study on the vastness of the grace of God, you would do well to get an understanding by reading this book. British Church Newspaper 13/07/2012 - Iain Adams

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