Gospel driven Change

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Navigating change in a church isn't easy. However, change has to happen if the gospel is to run freely and effectively in an ever-changing culture. This book makes the case that only gospel-driven change is authentic, and, for the gospel’s sake, it must be navigated carefully.


‘A delightful book to encourage servants of our Lord Jesus to trust God to do what is extraordinary through what may look very ordinary.’

Johnny Prime, Head of local ministries, FIEC.

‘This book is particularly helpful because all the way through it is clear that thirty years of gospel-driven change were won through by dependence on a spirit of prayer and a willingness to seek the mind of God through his word.’

Phil Arthur, retired pastor of Grace Baptist Church, Lancaster

‘Watts is right to remind us that change has a purpose, and that this purpose is bound up in the glory of God. The challenges laid out here of navigating gospel-driven change in a God-glorifying way will give food for thought to pastors and congregations alike.’

Rev. Mark Wallace, St Peter’s, Colchester

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Customer Reviews

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Paul Lawrence
How to change your church!

I have known the author for nearly 4 decades, but have been out of touch for most of that time. Even so when I received a copy I was highly motivated to read it. Paul Watts's style is interesting and easy to follow, complemented by the testimonies of several of his congregation in Coventry.
Paul Watts admits to his own reluctance to embrace change, but came to a realisation that the gospel itself is change. Patiently he advocated change in his inner city congregation using the Scriptures and prayer to win then over and then to embrace the multi-ethnic community on their doorstep. Eventually they "enfolded" a like-minded neighbouring church with further growth and blessing resulting.
Change is something that some churches seem to want to espouse most if not all the time, perhaps to appear trendy and contemporary, but most churches, like Paul Watts himself, are reluctant to embrace it. Some would even think they have a Christian duty to preserve the status quo. Paul Watts is to be commended for navigating the issue of change sensitively. May his book be a catalyst for God-inspired change in many of the disparate churches of our land!

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