God's Little People: Little People in Paul's Letters

Brian EdwardsSKU: GLP1 ISBN: 9781903087855



For every person whose name blazes across the pages of our heritage of history in the large letters of a Tyndale, Bunyan, Wesley, Spurgeon or Lloyd-Jones, there are tens of thousands of "little people" who have courageously and faithfully maintained a stand for the truth and have extended the borders of the Kingdom of God. It is upon these that the Lord builds his church. Fascinating insights from Brian H Edwards in these volumes. Scripture index included in each.

About the Author:

Brian Edwards is the author of twenty books, including one on the accuracy and authority of the Bible, historical biographies on William Tyndale and John Newton and Grace – amazing grace, a study of the greatest word in the Christian vocabulary. He edits the Day One Publications Travel Guide series and preaches and lectures across the UK and abroad. Brian is married to Rosie and they live in Surrey, UK.

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"easy & entertaining reading"

Although only getting brief mention the 'little people' named by Paul are important to God, so Edwards takes a longer look and investigates why. We get an interesting view of the First Century church as he builds characters on small evidence and reasonable surmise from contemporary culture and context. Thus there is good background information, but one looks in vain amongst the conjectures for 'perhaps' or 'I suggest', instead of 'doubtless'. This is easy and entertaining reading, but nevertheless should make our Bible reading more informed and thoughtful. There is virtue to emulate in these early rank and file Christians. GoodBookStall Review - 07/06/2005 - Bryan Nicholls

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