God's good new in the miracles of Jesus

Roger EllsworthSKU: GGNM4079 ISBN: 9781846254079



Jesus punctuated his public ministry with astounding deeds.  He caused the lame to walk, the blind to see and the deaf to hear.  He fed multitudes and stilled storms. He healed the sick and cast out demons. He even raised three people from the dead. And he put the finishing touch on his amazing ministry by rising from his own grave. 
As this book demonstrates, all of Jesus's miracles unite their voices to tell us emphatically that we dont have to be in any doubt about his identity. He was none other than God in human flesh, and he came to this earth to provide the way for sinners to be forgiven and to have a right standing with God. His miracles tell us the truth  about him and about the salvation he came  to provide. 
That is indeed good news. 

 About the Author: 

Having served for almost fifty years as a pastor, Roger Ellsworth is now engaged in an itinerant ministry. He has also authored over fifty books. He and his wife, Sylvia, have two sons, Tim and Marty, and five grandchildren.


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This is a helpful little book on the miracles of Jesus. It begins with an introduction in which miracles are carefully defined (the birth of a baby is not a miracle!), and the question as to why Jesus performed miracles considered. 18 short chapters follow on a selection of Jesus' miracles, in approximately chronological order, with a final chapter showing their ultimate purpose and also making evangelistic application...some unique and striking miracles are omitted. That said, each exposition is clear and straightforward, showing how the miracles illustrate different aspects of Jesus' character and ministry. One need not agree with every point of application...to find the overall thesis compelling, namely that the miracles' purposes were to show who Jesus is and give a multi-faceted picture of his saving work in redemption. This Christ-centred approach provides an unspoken but persuasive rebuke to the self-proclaimed miracle workers of our day and to those who may be deceived by them. Jesus' miracles were not random acts of kindness; they were gospel-focused lessons for us to take to heart. The book works well as a devotional work for believers. There are helpful summary points for personal reflection at the end of each chapter. Equally as the title suggests, there is plenty of gospel in the book, and its modest size and straightforward style render it suitable to give to a thoughtful non-Christian. Evangelical Times - May 2014 - David Cooke Banbury

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