God's care for the widow

Austin WalkerSKU: GCW1993



This book is written for widows to comfort them in their various troubles. Throughout the Bible God makes himself known as the one who defends, comforts and provides for the widow. From the days of Moses and the prophets, to the time of the Lord Jesus Christ and the early church, widows have been the object of his fatherly care. Written under the conviction that the church of Christ is responsible for relieving the distress of widows this book seeks to draw out God's wisdom for the widow. Naomi, Ruth, the widows of Zarephath and Nain, the Jerusalem widows, and Mary, the mother of the Lord Jesus Christ are among those considered.

About the Author:

Austin Walker was born in Enfield, North London in 1946 and became a Christian at the age of 15. He graduated from Aberystwyth University, and then qualified as a secondary school teacher. In 1971 he graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. He married Mai in 1970 and they have four children, now married, and nine grandchildren. On returning to England in 1971 he taught geography in a comprehensive school and also began preaching the gospel, helping to plant a Reformed Baptist Church in Crawley, Sussex, about 20 miles south of London. In 1975 he was invited to become one of the pastors, becoming full-time in 1979, and has continued in that role until the present day.


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