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John Flavel

From the day of our birth, to the day of our death, God is working for the good of those who have been called according to his purpose. In this simplified and abridged version of his classic work entitled Divine Conduct: or The Mystery of Providence John Flavel addresses how God works providentially in our lives, as well as why and how we should think deeply about these providences.


'Dear Christian, you do not live in a chaotic, uncontrolled, random universe. You aren’t at the mercy of some cosmic pinball machine—no, you dwell in the providence of God. John Flavel reminds us that the Christian life cannot spin out of control because the almighty God is always in the captain’s chair. His plans for you will come to pass. I hope you find great comfort from Flavel’s insight into God taking care of every jot and tittle of your life—and rest assured, by the grace of Christ, you will safely dock on the shores of eternity, riding on the S.S. Providence.'

J. A. Medders, author of Humble Calvinism

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